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Is Your Student Being Financially Responsible?

A big part of growing up is learning to be financially responsible. Most students still rely on their parents financially while in college, but they’ll likely be faced with many opportunities to make their own financial decisions, that could impact them for years to come. Read on for our list of financial topics to discuss with your student, if you haven’t already. 

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above your means

8 Signs You’re Living Above Your Means

Entering the real world can be overwhelming and confusing, and it’s easy to get behind on expenses if you’re not planning properly. In this article, we’ll show you the warning signs that you’re living above your means and what you can do about it.

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Borrow Student Loans Responsibly

7 Ways to Be a Responsible Borrower

Most people come out of college these days with some kind of student debt. Those monthly bills may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to manage your private student loan payments. From pre-college to post-college, it’s important to practice good financial habits when it comes to your student loans. Here our top tips to be a responsible borrower.

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Student Loans and Marriage

Student Loans and Marriage: What You Should Know Before Tying the Knot

When you start hearing wedding bells, there’s a lot to think about. One thing that often gets overlooked is student debt. Many people don’t know all of the implications that go along with student loans and marriage. There are numerous details, and it can definitely get confusing. So, we’ve compiled some key considerations to discuss before tying the knot.

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ACT or SAT? Which is going to get my child into college?

Deciding which standardized test to take can be a difficult decision for your high school student. All U.S. colleges and universities accept both ACT and SAT scores, so it’s a matter of which test will be better for your student to take. There are a lot similarities between the two, but there are also a lot of differences. We’ve compiled a list so you can compare to see which test is right for your child. We’ve also outlined the major differences and some tips to help you and your student decide.

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College Calendar at a Glance

College can be described in many ways: exciting, challenging, busy and stressful. College students have a hectic schedule, so it’s hard to know what’s going on in your kid’s life. Check out our brief college calendar so you can get serious parent points by asking the right questions and sending the perfect care package (hint, hint).

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iHELP 101: Student Loans by the Numbers

We can all probably agree that a college education can be expensive. A freshly minted degree from Sarah Lawrence college costs more than $200,000, and that’s just for a Bachelor’s. With more than 43 million students now in debt, it’s important to have a lender you can count on.

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Looking for a Cosigner

So, you’re looking for a cosigner…

First of all, what is a cosigner? They are a parent, grandparent, guardian or other adult who is willing to cosign a loan. This means they are taking legal financial responsibility for the debt with you. Cosigners generally help a borrower meet the loan’s credit requirements and may help the borrower qualify for a lower interest rate.

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Tackle Move-In Day Like a Pro

It’s closer than you think: college move-in day!

If you haven’t experienced it before, plan for a long afternoon of organized chaos. Along with the usual stressors of moving, you’ll also be dealing with crowds, navigating campus and trying to make a tiny, white box of a room feel homey. Did we mention you’ll be doing all of this in just 1 day?

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Dorm Room

Dorm Room Sprucing: Luxury for Less

College starts next month, whether you’re ready for the big move or not. Getting all the stuff your student needs can be an expensive process, especially since you want them to feel comfortable in their new space. This means knowing where to splurge and where to save.

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student loan repayment

6 Tips for Paying off Student Loans

There’s no doubt a college education is pricey. Currently, the average cost for a private school is $34,740 per year (including room and board). Over the four years it takes to earn a degree, that adds up to $138,960 – nearly 3 times the average college graduate’s annual salary of $50,390!

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