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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Private Student Loan

If you’ve already applied for grants, scholarships and federal student loans, but you still have a college financing gap, your next logical step is to apply for a private student loan.

However, not all education loans are created equal. Some may appear to be affordable, publishing a low teaser rate that no one actually qualifies for. Other loans have hidden fees, or a prolonged, complex application process. By the end of it, you learn that you have qualified for a high rate – much worse than you expected – but you’re so exhausted with the process, you just go ahead and take out the loan.

To help you avoid falling into the trap, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you avoid the most common pitfalls when choosing a private student loan.

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Post College Lessons

6 Life Lessons to Learn in Your 20’s

Independence Day is more than just gathering to blow things up and overeat. As you history buffs know, it commemorates controversy, self-sufficiency and true freedom – so what better time to talk life lessons? Here’s a few things every 20-something should learn.

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student loan terms

Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized and Other Student Loan Gibberish

As we approach the start of another academic year, more families are learning about student loans. Education finance can be confusing and, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably stumbled over the terminology. Before signing on the dotted line, here are 12 student loan terms you need to know.

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Finance Binder

Creating a Finance Binder: 3 Easy Steps

When you graduate college, adulthood tends to hit you all at once and you’ve probably got the financial documents to prove it. If you’re like most recent grads, the piles of paperwork on your coffee table may include some late bills, your diploma and more receipts than you know what to do with.

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Getting loans for your kid

Getting loans for your kid when you’re still paying your own

College isn’t getting cheaper. Unless you graduated recently, your child’s education will likely cost much more than yours did. In fact, tuition alone has tripled in the past 20 years. Room and board are rising even faster – at a higher rate than the cost of inflation. That’s why roughly 70% of students rely on education loans to pay for college. Here’s how you can help.

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First Job

What I wish my pre-first-job self would have known…

When you first enter the big, bad workforce, you’re probably prepared for the obvious: show up on time, look the part and be ready to work late. However, there’s some things no one warns you about. Here’s the advice you didn’t know you needed for your first job.

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should my kid go to college

Should your kid go to college?

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, nearly 70% of high school grads transition straight to college. Should your kid go? Due to the rising costs of college, it’s not an uncommon question as of late…

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Money and Credit

Dealing with Money and Credit After Leaving Home

The transition from college to the real world is an exciting adventure. You’re likely kicking off your career, earning your first steady paycheck and basking in the self-sufficiency of being financially independent. That said, adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities too. Here’s a few things every college grad should tackle.

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Summer Jobs

Best Summer Jobs for Every Major

Summer vacation is finally here, but the last thing students should do is treat it like an actual vacation. On the contrary, it’s an ideal time to get some work experience in the books. Summer jobs help students do just that while learning about their industry and earning money for college. Best of all, they look great on a resume! In this article, we’ll offer up a few ideas for several majors.

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Job Interview

Why Calling Yourself an “Expert” Won’t Land You the Job

Browse through your LinkedIn network and you’ll see no shortage of people calling themselves experts. While it’s tempting to position yourself as such (see: guru, authority, connoisseur, aficionado) it almost always backfires during the job search. Read on to learn why.

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Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters: Numbers to Check

Let’s say College A offers your student $15,000 in financial aid, and College B only offers $12,000. That should make College A the better choice, right? Not necessarily! College A’s award may be primarily loans, which your student is responsible for paying back. On the other hand, College B’s could be offering mostly scholarships and grants. In this situation, College B is actually the more affordable choice. That’s why it’s important to compare all the numbers before deciding on a college.

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