Colleges & Careers

Finally a tool that can help you better plan your college education AND your career!

We’re super excited to introduce our new iPhone app, Colleges & Careers. Colleges & Careers delivers integrated college and career search so you can see the bigger picture and better chart your own future.

In today’s world, college planning and career planning must go together to help you make better choices. You need to know what kinds of jobs and pay you can expect right out of college and throughout your career, and what major/minors/degrees can get you those job opportunities.

How can Colleges & Careers help YOU?

1. Answer college planning questions, including:
• What college should I attend and what course of study and degree options should I seek?
• What are my scholarship and grant options?
• How can I pay for going to college?

2. Answer career planning questions:
• What college majors (and minors) will lead to what job occupations?
• What are employers looking for right now? Can I find an internship?
• What kind of jobs can I get with a given type of degree? How hard will it be to find a job?
• What entry level pay rates can I expect for this occupation for any state?
• What is the wage and employment growth outlook for this job occupation?

Who should use Colleges & Careers?

• High school counselors wishing to inspire students to prepare for college
• Parents wishing to create empowering college roadmaps for college age students
• Students looking to develop career roadmaps that fit different college majors
• College graduates enter the workforce
• Employees who are interested in continuing education – going back to college
• Veterans who plan to go to college and gives guidance to tudents entering the workforce

Download it Today!

Download it here: Colleges & Careers.

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