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Consolidation Success Stories of 2017

Did you know, 7 out of 10 students who receive a Bachelor’s degree graduate with student debt? Whether you’ve just graduated or are already in repayment, it’s important you stay on top of those loans. This means keeping your payments affordable, avoiding extra fees and protecting your credit. That’s where we come into play. An iHELP consolidation loan can get you a lower, more manageable monthly payment so you can start your financial future in the right direction.

Here are our favorite consolidation success stories of the year – they may even inspire you to tackle your loans:

An expecting mom’s budgeting solution.

Rebecca is a journalist with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Her motivation for going to college was primarily to learn; like many students, she was unsure of going to college after high school, but was encouraged by her parents to get a degree. She eventually found her passion and her career now relies on the research and writing skills she gained in college. However, after 6 years of college, she’d racked up over $50,000 of student loans.

With a baby on the way and more student debt than she could manage, she was concerned she would have to default on her loans. Instead of making partial payments and falling behind, Rebecca made the choice to consolidate. By applying with a cosigner, she was able to qualify for a lower interest rate than she’d had in college.

To other individuals who are considering if they should consolidate, she says, “You might as well give it a shot, right? And the sooner you do it, the more money you save.”

Manageable monthly payments achieved.

Jennifer also graduated college with more than $50,000 of student loan debt. Flexible repayment options did not exist with her current lender and her interest rates climbed, leaving her with a payment that was tough to swallow. In fact, it was more than her monthly rent and auto payments combined.

She finally decided to make a change. Consolidating her student loans with iHELP was an easy process. She wasn’t making a ton of money at the time, but had maintained a good credit score and was pleased to discover she got approved, despite having a large amount of debt. Her monthly payments dropped to where they were manageable once again. When it comes to consolidating student loans, she tells others:

Is student loan consolidation right for you?

Borrowers love consolidating with us – and the feeling’s mutual. Join these consolidation success stories by starting with our easy online application. We offer competitive rates and flexible repayments options, with no origination or early payoff fees that increase the cost of your loan. If you have questions, let us know! We’re happy to walk you through the steps.


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