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Finding College Scholarships
Too many scholarships go unawarded each year due to a lack of qualified applicants or no applicants at all!
Going to college is an amazing experience, and is worth every penny; but unfortunately there are a lot of pennies to be paid. The silver lining? There are plenty of places to find scholarship money to help students pay for college.

Get started early.

A scholarship search should start with a student’s senior year. There’s a ton of resources for finding scholarships but it’s going to take some time and research. Many applications also require an essay. Be prepared to devote some hours to this task, but it will be worth it. Think about it this way, if 5 hours was spent to secure a $1000 scholarship, that’s like earning $200/hour – not too shabby.

Top 7 places to look for scholarships.

There are tons of places out there that offer scholarships, you just need to know where to look.
  1. CollegeĀ of choice. Check the school’s website or speak with a financial aid counselor to determine which scholarship a student might be eligible for and how to apply.
  2. Local businesses, organizations, civic groups and foundations. Check with banks, churches and other businesses to see if they offer any scholarships. These might require a letter of recommendation or an essay, but again, it’s worth the effort.
  3. Organizations and Associations related to your field of interest. If students have a specific career/major in mind, reach out to organizations with the same interest for potential scholarship opportunities.
  4. Ethnicity-based organizations. There are lots of organizations offering scholarships for people of certain ethnicity, minority students should be sure to take advantage of these.
  5. Employers. Check with both student and parent employers to find out if there are any scholarship opportunities.
  6. High school counselors. A high school counselor should have a running list of organizations that give out scholarships and places online to look.
  7. Online. Thousands of scholarships are available to students online, and can be really easy to apply for. Scholarships are opened up at different times of the year so it’s important to search online frequently. Get started with our tool – Scholarship Explorer.

If that’s not enough, contact us!

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