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iHELP 101: Student Loans by the Numbers

We can all probably agree a college education can be expensive. When you include room, board and other non-tuition expenses, it’s common for a 4-year degree to climb into the 6-figures. That’s why it’s important as ever to have a lender you can count on.

We’ve worked with students in all 50 states.

If you aren’t familiar with iHELP, we’re a Midwestern student loan company on a mission to make college financing easier (and more affordable) across the nation. We offer private student loan options for students with a gap in their college financing .

We provide over 200 free resources – and counting!

It’s important to us to give back to students and their families. That’s why we offer scholarships like #WhatIWish and an assortment of college planning resources. Be sure to visit our collection of blog posts for all stages of the college journey: college prep, college life and post college. We’re also quickly expanding our library of resources. Here’s a few that might come in handy.

  • College Planning ChecklistJam-packed lists personalized to a high school senior’s school year. Every college-bound senior needs this!
  • College Cost CalculatorThis interactive spreadsheet accounts for all on-campus living expenses to ensure the cost of college is covered.
  • Private Student Loan GuideStudents can learn about cosigner requirements, repayment options and more.
  • Interview ChecklistWe help students land the job with our top tips before, during and after the interview. Plus get common interview questions to expect.
  • FREE Financial PlannerRecent grads can start their financial future in the right direction with this budgeting tool.

Feel free to download the one you need, or all of them!

We’ve been in the student loan business for almost 40 years.

In an industry dominated by automated recordings, iHELP offers a human touch. Sure, we’ve got great rates like others in the industry but our personal service is second to none. We think that’s part of why we’ve thrived for nearly 4 decades. Each student is given a single point of contact, and we guide them every step of the way. We’re also a proponent of responsible borrowing and encourage all students to maximize their federal financial aid first.

More than $4 billion total loans have been originated.

An iHELP private student loan helps students bridge the gap between the cost of education and their family’s resources. Students aren’t required to make payments while enrolled at least half time, but we do recommend making interest-only payments to lower the overall cost of the loan. We offer great variable rates and a borrower’s credit determines the rate they’re eligible for. If a student doesn’t qualify on their own, a cosigner can help them to meet the eligibility requirements or get a better rate.

We offer flexible repayment options as well. Borrowers choose between making full payments, interest-only payments or graduated repayment. Deferment and forbearance options also exist for those with financial hardship. Plus, students can release their cosigner after 24 consecutive on-time payments are made, provided the student meets the eligibility requirements on their own at that time.

We’ve assisted over 900,000 students and their families.

For many of our borrowers and their families, this is their first experience with student loans and our experts offer education and answers along the way. We’re happy to review the structure, rates, term and repayment options with borrowers and there are no surprise fees upon origination, during repayment or in the event of an early pay off. We also provide servicing for the entire life of the loan so that borrowers aren’t handed off from one servicing company to the next.

The numbers are in. It’s still worth giving the ol’ college try, since college grads make on average $1,000,000 more than their non-college counterparts. If you’re looking for a transparent, affordable student loan from Main Street not Wall Street, apply online at

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